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Derek Brown


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And now with a fancy (relatively) new column/blogging gig at the Atlantic's Mixmaster. Lots of great stuff here in what appear to be ~weekly columns.

The Atlantic. Impressive. Seriously.

Clicking through to his earlier piece, "Why Your Bartender Hates You" reminded me of the old joke:

Q: What's the difference between a bartender and a toilet seat?

A: A toilet seat only has to look at one asshole at a time.

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Between the articles and the content relayed on the Kojo Nnamdi show, as I've been listening to on the archives page, Derek really should find someone to collaborate with or sit down and pour his knowledge of cocktails and recipes on page, if he hasn't started so already. Are you listening derekmbrown???

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Shaken, Not Grilled: The Meat Liquor Craze.

I really enjoy reading Derek's articles for The Atlantic.

If nothing else, I hope the phrase "meaty spirit" catches on!

Reading the article reminded me of my all-time favorite beverage, hirezake.

Which is not a good thing to remember on a 100+ heat index day.

(time to play hopscotch)

(across the neighborhood pools)

("fat washing", Act II?) :)

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