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Sila Thai, Sully Place in Chantilly

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Thanks to being told, "You're on your own tonight," I finally tried Sila Thai, which is in the mini plaza tucked into Sully Place at Route 50 and Centreville Road in Chantilly.

I got three items for takeout:

1. Jumbo triangle tofu. The tofu looks just like the fried tofu you get at the tofu place in Eden Center. It's plain tofu, but it comes with sweet and sour dipping sauce (like you get with Vietnamese spring rolls) AND crushed peanuts. The finished product is quite tasty.

2. Tom Ka (chicken coconut soup). Not the most soothing version of what is probably my favorite soup, but it's loaded with chicken and mushrooms.

3. Red chili string bean. I was expecting it to be hotter based on the two chili pepper rating, but it was still nicely zingy.

Overall, very good food, well portioned and fairly priced. They also serve "Thai dim sum" on the weekends, which we definitely plan to try.


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