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Songbird, Old Courthouse Road in Vienna - Closed.

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Went by Songbird (in Vienna) for lunch today. The place is shut down and a notice says the lease has been terminated for not paying rent.

If this is a permanent closing, it's fairly big news, at least in a historical perspective. My impression has always been that Songbird (Tysons Corner) and Woo Lae Oak (Pentagon City) were the two BIG Korean restaurants that pre-dated Annandale's Koreatown (although the original Hee Been opened in 1964, and there was also Secret Garden in Falls Church). I'm not sure when Songbird opened, but I wonder if it might now be the oldest Korean restaurant in the area that hasn't changed buildings.



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There is a banner on the side of the building that says "EGA coming soon" Eric is right, there is now a small deck out back and it looks like they are renovating inside.

EGA is now open. Still doing buffet for lunch fo $12. The selection is skimpier. Not as many panchan dishes on the buffet, about as many hot dishes as before, and only miso soup (use to have the spicy beef soup in addition to miso). The sushi selection is also smaller. On my only trip, they had shrimp tempura on the buffet - unfortunately they were barely warm and the tempura sauce was definitely cold. They have seafood pancake now whereas the old joint only served scallion pancake. Unfortunately a soda is $2.50. I did not fully scout out the place but I did not see any cook at your table BBQ setup.

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