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Cluck-U Chicken, A Maryland-Based Chain

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That's clearly crappy stock photography. That pizza looks like it's been sitting out for a long time congealing. I used to go to Ratsie's for buffalo wings. For CP, it wasn't as good as Hard Times, but way better than that crap they call wings at Cluck-U. Blech.

FYI, a man in a chicken suit dancing in the median of Rte 1 handed me a card to inform me that Cluck-U is under new management. I'm not sure I've ever eaten at Cluck-U, so I wouldn't know how to compare.

Don, feel free to make this a new thread.

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After drinking too much at the Voux or one of the other shoe destroying establishments we would generally stagger to Cluck-U and get wings, or the honey fried chicken. I guess in the early 90's there was not much else to eat, and as an added bonus for non-drinking nights they delivered, something that was rather rare even then. I remember the food tasting a whole lot better during college than what I got when I visited a location a couple of years ago. Maybe the sauce was always way too sweet, and the meat on the wings were just as bland but then again I drank and smoked way too much back then to taste much.

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Aside from being too sweet, they dredge their wings in flour to fry. Cardinal sin for hot wings! BLECH. There's also one heat level that tastes like hot and sour soup in a bad way.

In college, it became a regular dare for the boys to try to eat 100 of their spiciest wings. This generally coincided with "power hour" or "century club" on the drinking side, so puking generally followed at least one, if not both, endeavors. Ah, the University of Maryland -- Harvard of the ACC.

I ate Cluck-U fairly frequently, sitting in my my dorm room at 4:30 am. Generally it was some sandwich with Roman in the name -- not terrible at the time, and they delivered later than anyone else. Not sure I would eat Cluck-U today -- it has gone the same way as Disco Jumbo Slice in my mind...

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