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Dan's Cafe, Dive Bar in Adams Morgan on 18th Street and Kalorama Road since 1965

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Dan's Cafe in Adams Morgan gives you a fricken coke can and your plastic cup of whiskey separately. Only if they squeezed liquor from a goatskin bag hanging around the neck of a hirsute and caloricly challenged bar wench with candles abound would it be more of a dive.

Does anyone know if they are still open? I don't get into Adams Morgan very much any more. I remember the owner's son was an aspiring professional boxer. Wonder whatever happened to him...

Many years ago, I remember hitting Dan's before going to a Blake Babies concert at the original 9:30 club. I couldn't take my eyes off a very attractive young lady who was sitting in a booth with some friends. I tried to work up the courage to go up and talk to her but, alas, my nerves got the better of me. So there I sat, admiring her from the bar. When I got to the club and the band took the stage, someone looked familiar. Sure enough, it was the girl from Dan's, Juliana Hatfield, then lead singer of the Blake Babies, and soon to go on to indie rock fame as a solo act. So, in my mind (at least in the early 90's), Dan's couldn't have been a hipper place.

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Does anyone know if they are still open?

Last I checked, Dan's was indeed still open (I think I saw the door open while walking by, sometime in March?). And yes, it's easily one of the diviest places in town.

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