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Not the most earth-shattering of news, in the Obama-visits-Ray's genre, but DrinkLocalWine.com has been updated and relaunched.

This is the site I helped create last fall, along with my pal Jeff Siegel, the Dallas-based "Wine Curmudgeon," to showcase bloggers around North America who were writing about wines that were not from California, Oregon or Washington state. The idea is to have a portal site where readers can link to blogs about regional wines. Jeff has made the effort to update the site, and I hope folks here will check it out - and if you know of any bloggers writing interesting coverage of local wines (wherever "local" may be), please let me know about them!

There's even - ugh! - a podcast of the two of us talking about this, to be posted on Friday.

And to show that we are not the middle-aged fuddy duddies we think we are, we even have a Facebook page (DrinkLocalWine.com) for folks to become "fans" - more than 400 in just a few days - that's more than all my "friends"! - and a Twitter twit feed, or whatever, at /drinklocalwine ...

I hope you'll at least check it out.

Wine Country is Everywhere!

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