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New York has Mei Dick.

In the close but no cigar category, a guy who works for a PR firm here told me that, when All Nippon Airways bought the Westin Washington in 1989, the Tokyo suits had a Japanese firm design the new logo, and they initialized All Nippon United States. He said that a great deal of face was lost when it was explained why they really, really couldn't put that on the canopy and matchbooks.

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Dick jokes aside...I do love me some Hung Phat. Maybe my favorite asian grocery store (Mom & Pop Category).

They always seem to have everything I'm looking for (pandanus...why yes in the freezer case). Their steam table of Vietnamese food always looks interesting. Their Banh Mi on the other hand, not so good. The roll is big and clunky, more like a big hard Italian sub roll. The meat and veggies meager. Even at $3 I would avoid.

Hung Phat Asian Grocery

11315 Fern Street

Wheaton, MD

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