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Abbey Burger Bistro - Burger Joint on Marshall Street Alley and E. Cross Street in Federal Hill, Also in Ocean City

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Surprised no one has posted on this place in Baltimore.
Late last year, they opened up The Abbey Burger Bistro on Cross St. in Federal Hill.
They use local Roseda farm beef for their burgers and they also make their own chips.
While you can decide on your own toppings, they also have some unique burger offerings. The Harry's Bistro burger has bacon, cheddar, and fried egg served with an English Muffin. Messy but good.
They also have a peanut butter burger with bacon- surprisingly delicious.
I've also tried their Hudsdon Valley foie gras burger.
They also serve homemade ice cream which is excellent. I once had their Berger Cookie shake- made with vanilla ice cream and spiked with Vanilla Stoli and Godiva Liqueur.

While service on busy nights (weekends) is pretty slow because the bartenders are the waiters, it's worth checking out if you're in the area.


1041 Marshall Street
Baltimore, MD 21230

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I popped here yesterday for lunch- they were offering alligator burgers. It looks like they started offering ostrich and bison in addition to lamb, turkey, portabella, and their usual roseda farm beef.

Talked the the chef a little- they are thinking of starting a burger of the month contest where anyone can suggest crazy burgers for them to feature.

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Abbey Burger Bistro offers great and unique burgers for only $9.50.

It pays to be a little adventurous when dining. There are people out there who don't venture much further than popcorn shrimp, burgers, and pepperoni pizza. For the unadventurous in Baltimore, Abbey Burger Bistro is a good place to begin your journey into the diversity of dishes this city has to offer.

The smell of sizzling burger patties will reach you and possibly pull you from your path if another destination was in mind. For the culinary conservative, go ahead an order a well-done burger with nothing but a slice of cheese, or even some bacon if you're determined to really challenge yourself, but you'll be missing the real magic of Abbey Burger Bistro.

Some selections may make some recoil at first, such as the peanut butter burger, but the mixture of the dry, sweet, peanut butter with the salty bacon, and the juicy roseda beef create such an amazing merging of flavors in every bite.

Those who want a taste of breakfast will find the Harry's Bistro Burger with bacon, roseda beef, sunny side up egg, and melted cheddar resting inside a nicely toasted English muffin. The flavor of this burger transcends words.

For those who aren't immediately drawn to one of the selections, they have a build-a-burger checklist. Be careful, piling on the toppings will also pile on the bill. The sides, apart from homemade potato chips, come at an extra cost, but are worthwhile. The thick, cakey breading on the onion rings and the crispy exterior combined with the soft, sweet center of the sweet potato fries should not be passed up.

Finally, they have amazing beers on tap. Two highly recommended selections are Ommegang Hennepin and Magners Irish Cider. The Ommegang Hennepin has a sour-citrus flavor slightly reminiscent of Blue Moon. The spicy finish gives the feeling of autumn and evoked a 'sit around a campfire on a chilly night' feeling. Magners is a bit on the dry side and is for anyone who finds Woodchuck too sweet.

A place as wonderful as this requires several visits to sample every temptation found on the food and drink menus.

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We went with friends today to the Museum of Visionary Art (incredibly unbelievable wonderful place) and then needed some place not too far away for lunch. Found our way here with some difficulty because it's tucked away in an alley. We all had different burgers. You choose your meat, condiments and sides. I had lamb with feta, spicy yogurt sauce, onions, tomatoes and lettuce, regular bun and house-made potato chips. The burger is delicious. You need lots of napkins for the juice running down your wrists. The atmosphere is friendly and very casual. Great place!

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I will echo MMM that Abbey Burger Bistro is an ideal spot to bookend a visit to the American Visionary Art Museum.  Burgers were excellent - both the build-your-own (try the house-smoked black angus beef), and the ones that sound kinda weird (the Peanut Butter Burger was shockingly good).  Interesting beers on draft and in the bottle, and very reasonably priced especially for the offbeat stuff. Saturday early afternoon was comfortably busy - about a 20 min wait for a table, but we were able to get seated immediately at the bar and that worked perfectly.

Not a destination restaurant, but now at the top of my list when I'm looking for quick cheap eats in Federal Hill.


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