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Pick Your Own - Peaches


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Larriland Farms has a dozen different variety of peaches. Mostly, because they ripen at different times during the summer, so they can provide peach picking from late July right through September!

Larriland Farms in absolutely spectacular, and peaches are the best reason to go. They have row after row of tree. Last summer, I think we filled all our bags without walking to more than a dozen trees. They're delicious, and Larriland has a nice Web site where they tell you what is ripe and how much is available today.

The "pick-your-own" farm west of Columbia and just off I-70 is an adventure, but it's run so smoothly that you're guaranteed to have a good time. It feels personal and family-run, yet professional as well. Fruits and vegetables abound. Prices are reasonable. The fields are clean, well-marked and outfitted with stands so that you can pay in the fields -- crucial if you're traveling with kids and don't want to get in and out of the car an extra time. But, if you can stop, definitely shop in the Red Barn where you can buy any of the active produce, along with cheeses, jams, candies and honeys.

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