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I'm in LOVE!

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With the Super "Q" Mart in Germantown. Oh, I thought I was in love before... with Hmart and Grand Mart...but now that I have found the Super Q - I know that the others were merelyt puppy love.

The biggest difference? It was CLEAN! and BRIGHT! and nobody tried to run me over with their shopping cart.

Plus - beautiful green bunches of scallions ...for a quarter. Iceberg heads for fifty cents. Mangos for a buck. Lychees 1.99/lb. Head-on shrimp, more types of cabbage than I know what to do with, and an in-house cafe where the tables were filled with ethnic folks.

I hope it's not just initial infatuation but the beginning of a long and fruitful(!) relationship....

I will not be jealous if you too develop a relationships with the "Q". It's located in the Fox Chapel shopping center on 355 in the heart of Germantown....







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Thanks for posting about this. Just curious, is any of the produce organic?

I'm less and less inclined to trust that the label "organic" means anything or sets the produce apart from "conventional"--certain pesticides are still allowed. But that's a bit off-topic. I've never been to Super Q Mart, but I usually find that the produce at Super H Mart is fresh and cheap, if not "organic."

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Sorry, can't address the organic issue. My gut feeling though is : no, it isn't. I wonder why the produce wouldn't last as long as Giant. Maybe it's picked closer to ripe when it's delivered? The produce certainly doesn't look old...

I'm not entirely convinced they get anything other than seconds...

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