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With the Obama visit, I'm surprised Ray's Hell isn't higher on the list (tied with Red Robin? WTF?). I had no hopes of them beating that lowest common denominator-pleasing juggernaut Five Guys, of course, but still.

Really, though, I'm just ecstatic that Good Stuff Eatery isn't on this list.

So far, the votes are like this, putting Ray's Hell in second place:

Elevation Burger 3 %

Five Guys 47 %

Foster's Grille 10 %

Fuddruckers 10 %

King Street Blues 2 %

PW's Place 1 %

Ray's Hell-Burger 11 %

Red Robin 9 %

The Main Street Pub 3 %

Urban Burger 4 %

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I think the results should be divided by the number of DC locations. Let's face it, there are 5 guys everywhere, but only one RHB. Wonder why McD's and BK are not on the list, they sell more hamburgers then anyone else in DC.

If you read the comments that accompany the article on WTOP's website, you'll see that BK isn't held in the highest regard (and that some people think RHB is overcrowded and "dirty"...and has anybody noticed that RHB could also stand for Red, Hot & Blue? Just askin', you know)
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90% of the people who post anything on WTOP are either blithering idiots or wingnuts who see a conspiracy in anything and everything. Why should this "poll" be any different?

Is PF Changs really a chinese restaurant or just a lousy chain that serves cheap unflavored masses food?
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