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Hwaro-Norito, Korean-Japanese on Rockville Pike - Closed.

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We had dinner on Friday night at Hwaro, the (mostly) Korean half of a two-restaurant combo (the other half is Norito, described as an "authentic Japanese Brasserie"). This is a relatively new restaurant on Rockville Pike in the same plaza as Penzey's Spices. The panchan were good and plentiful, and my Jap Chae was pretty good (my frame of reference is limited, but the noodles were good and the flavor was great). We'll return to do BBQ some night, and will almost certainly go to Norito soon to check it out as well (and maybe pick up a bento box for lunch some afternoon).

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I had a bowl of udon and a few pieces of sushi or sashimi thee. I liked it well enough to want to go back, till I got the bill and then I thought it a little too much for what I had. I've just not been back.

So a meal for 2 with $20 off sounds like it would be worth it to me and then I could explore the menu further.

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