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Jordan's Steakhouse in Ellicott City - Closed

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Jordan's Steakhouse in Ellicott City has been closed this week with a threatening poster from the landlord on the front door.

It appears to be a rent dispute. It is unclear if this is temporary or the end of the Main Street landmark.

The owner of Jordan's just bought the former Oz Chophouse in Fulton off Rte 216. At the time, it sounded like he was going to open a second location there.

This blog knows the most: http://writing-the-wrongs.blogspot.com/2009/08/exiled-on-main-street.html

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Oz Chophouse apparently closed on Saturday night, and Jordan's Steakhouse from Ellicott City will take over the Maple Lawn space in Fulton in a joint venture with the owners of Ranazul, according to Elizabeth Large in the Sun.

I missed Large's post on Thursday, but someone emailed me that said Oz would close. I didn't want to rub salt in the wound by just asking "Are you closing?" and then hanging up. (Reporters like Large have a job to be blunt. I haven't knocked on a door since 1995 to ask "Can you tell me about the murder victim?") So I called the Fulton restaurant Saturday to ask if I would need a reservation for Sunday evening, and the hostess told me that Oz was completely full for the entire day. Even full in the bar, she said. No availability, she said.

I'm really bummed for the Oz folks even though I'm not a steakhouse addict. I enjoyed the bar, and the loss of Trapeze and Oz leaves Ranazul and its tapas as the last kitchen from the first generation of Maple Lawn eating. But Jordan's is a terrific restaurant in downtown Ellicott City. They're one of my best restaurants in Howard County, although I haven't eaten there in years

Large's post: http://weblogs.baltimoresun.com/entertainment/dining/reviews/blog/2009/08/two_more_restaurant_closings.html

Although not mentioned in the post, Large apparently talked to Jordan's owner who said that the new restaurant will be a joint venture with the owner of Ranazul. They're going to call it "Carlos and Jordan's Steakhouse." So they're expanding, not moving the original Jordan's. Either way, Maple Lawn's developer has to be very happy -- especially after scoring a parking-lot-packing success with Looney's Pub.

Looks like Carlos had a change of heart.,

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