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Fruit Off a Non-Descript Truck


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I was in annandale having lunch with the mrs. past friday. We were at the korean BBQ place in the parking lot of Giant in Annandale. When we came out of the resturant, we ran into a guy selling boxes of peaches out of a non-discript van. 12kg boxes of CrestHaven peaches from WV for $25. I was hesitent to buy since I don't know if the peaches were any good.

I have run into these type of folks before. Last time was also in annandale for a pallet of strawberries. I pass back then. This time peaches were hard and it didn't smell of peaches (it could have been because of the strong smoke of BBQ meat I've been inhaling in the resturant). But I decided to bite anyway and bought a box.

When i got home, I had a peach. It was a little firmer than I like but very sweet. Next day however, I ate another one and it was soft, sweet and juicy, the best peach I had in couple of years. My family and I have in 3 days gone through half the box. They were all spectacular. I am kicking myself that I only bought one box.

Next time I am presented with type of opp., I'm more likely to buy, which wasn't the case before. I might have to drive around this friday looking for that guy again. I don't think the rest of the peaches will make it to the weekend.


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