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Wow, this is the only thread I could find that has eGullet in its title. I saw the "new" egullet and was amazed at the lack of posts over in the local forum, as well as how hard the site is to navigate now.

For all those that are into history.... Donrockwell.com (aka DCDining), was formed and started by a splinter group from egullet. While in reality Don set this up, many many posters came over to populate the forums here.

I started with egullet and attended my first "foodie" function with a bunch of people from egullet, during this event, I learned about DR.

Maybe we should start a eGullet thread on its own?

Scott AKA Haggisman

OMG. Don, we owe you a huge debt of gratitude.

Has anyone seen Egullet since THEY upgraded over the weekend???

OMG. Unreadable...

Must avert eyes...

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When on Egullet, go to the browser menu and click on tools and click on options, then content and check to see if the font isn't in wing-dings or something which would make the page unreadable. Otherwise, the forum page content is, without hyperbole, identical to what it used to be and the search function works just as it used to on any screen larger than a matchbook. Only the colors and lines have changed, like a new automobile, newer browser or the latest MS Office. When "The Cosby Show" changed their intro I thought it was a spin-off or a seasonal special, but it turns out that it was the exact same show. Maybe it's a geriatrics/generation thing.

But the avatars on the right side is indeed enough to never read the site again. That just screws everything up.

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On a whim, I just went to check out the forums at eG. There are almost as many members signed on to dr.com (15) as there are signed on to eG (20).

The problem is getting all those Guests to become Members and post!

The last thing I wanted to do in 2005 was leave eGullet, but there was no other good option. Doggone it, that was a *great* community of people.

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