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Here's what I got in my December installment. It says the person toured Italy and selected products made in small batches. It then goes through 8 pages describing each product.

Buckwheat fettucini from Pasta di aldo

Balilla rice from Cascina Veneria

Grape cugna from Oliveri (a sauce with grapes, hazelnuts, apples, figs, orange peel)

Apricot & cinnamon preserves from i Liveri

Licorice & mint dark chocolate bar from Dolce di Pensieri

(mini) panettone from Fillipi

Sulla blossom honey from Bazar del Miele

Olive oil biscuits from Tarallificio del Trulli

Wild fennel pesto from Antipasti di Forti

It also came with the book Zingerman's Guide to Good Eating by Ari Weinzweig (says on the cover: how to choose the best bread, cheeses, olive oil, pasta, chocolate and much more).

With all the holiday eating, I haven't had a chance to try any of these yet.

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