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Puerto Rican Friday at MIO - December 18


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Hope to see you this Friday!! I have included the menu with some "editor's notes"


Lechoncito asado con todo y cuerito:

Typical Puerto Rican seasoning. We are roasting the COMPLETE pig SLOWLY and bring out to our grill station for customers to see. Crispy skin is included on all servings!

Yucca Soup, Sofrito, Crispy Plantain (1)

This creamy soup captures the essence of yucca and we add the Puerto Rican base of "sofrito" as a stand alone condiment


Serenata de Bacalao

Arroz con Pollo y aranitas

Guinea Hen, Rum Reduction, Celeriac Puree(1)

This dish was actually conceived by Augusto Schreiner, one of our guest chefs from Puerto Rico and part of the "Saborea Puerto Rico" promotion. He is Austrian and has lived on the island for over 40 years. Nothing like hearing spanglish with an Austrian accent!

Arroz con Gandules con Pasteles de Yuca o Masa

Asopao de Mariscos, Hearty Classic Puertorican Seafood Stew(1)

Mahi Mahi, Chorizo Sauce, Yuca en Escabeche(1)

Another Augusto creation!

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