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Derek and Adam meet Rachel and Obama


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It is the aspiration of every pointy-headed Washington insider to demonstrate their seriousness and intellectual heft by publishing an article in something like Harper's or the New York Review of Books or The Partisan Review -- one of those magazines you keep thinking you'll get around to reading some day. Ideally, the piece should be pimped on the cover, viewed as "original" and "thought provoking," and inspire a passionate but civilized and cerebral exchange of letters to the editor in the months thereafter.

Alas, many submit, but few are chosen.

Interestingly, perhaps because of knowledge gleaned from a boozy Marc Ambinder or a blasted Andrew Sullivan -- and accompanying photographs -- celebrity bartender Derek Brown's wisdom is now to be found in the On-Line version of the storied and august Atlantic Magazine. Most recently his piece No Lazy Garnishes stands out like a bright, hand carved lemon-peel flower among such eat-your-vegetables fare as "How America Can Rise Again; Is the nation in terminal decline?" and "The Scourge of TB."

This, of course, explains how the Nerd In Chief came to hire him for that White House gig.

Aid: I think we've found someone for that cocktail party, sir.

Obama (looking up from a heavily-footnoted book comparing the Mogul occupation of Afghanistan to the Soviet experience): Not another bozo like that last guy. What was his name, Jay Paul?

Aid: Sir, that was where he worked, not his name. And no, not another, um, bozo. I apologize again, sir. This guy's serious. He writes for The Atlantic.

Obama: Excellent, bring him on. He didn't have anything to do with that piece on the Sri Lankan civil war a couple of months ago, did he?

Aid: I don' t think so.

Obama: Doesn't matter, get him in here. We need to get a few dollars over to the intellectuals during this recession -- it's not just the banks and the auto workers that need help!

Aid: I'll have the service run his social right away, sir.


It's either that, or Adam got him in.

Full list of articles here. If this doesn't work just, you know, search.

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