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Fruity Yogurt, Tysons Corner and Annapolis Malls

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While Christmas shopping at Tyson's Corner, I noticed there's another frozen yogurt shop called Fruity Yogurt. It's on the second floor on one of the side halls next to Auntie Annie's. There have self serve machines with various flavors of frozen yogurt on the wall facing you when you walk in and also lined up down the side of the store.

I made myself a tart, strawberry, raspberry, vanilla, and pomegranate yogurt concoction. There's a toppings bar where you add your own toppings. They didn't have Captain Crunch, my favorite, but they had cut up fruits, multi colored mochi bits, coconut, granola, sprinkles, and others. You pay by the ounce (0.48 per ounce). Of course, my eyes were bigger than my stomach, and I ended up with a $6 plus yogurt, but I'd still come back over Yogen Fruz downstairs because of the variety of flavors and being able to control the amount of toppings.

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