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Looking for Beef Bung or Large Sausage Casings

Scott Johnston

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Lebanese Butcher would probably give it to you for free. You just need to call them a day or two in advance and let them know you'd like some. They've told me in the past that they usually end up throwing veal bones away at the slaughterhouse so just call and let them know if I want some. They probably do the same thing with the large intestine.

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I am trying a dry run at haggis this weekend. Anyone know a local place I can get a beef bung

Here is the recipe I am attempting this weekend. ANyone know where I can get a beef bung?


1 beef bung

Beef bung? Bung?! I hope you plan on serving lots of Scotch whisky with that. :angry:

Once a certain very good friend brought over a haggis to cook brought over a haggis to cook for a party I was throwing. That was one nasty smell.

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