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Seven Cups Tea Tours in 2010


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As many of you are already familiar, the Seven Cups tea company in Tuscon, Arizona offers some of the most impeccably sourced Chinese tea available in the United States. Exceptional quality is the hallmark of a Seven Cups product. One brew from them will have you radically rethink what you believe about tea. And if you want to know more about green vs. black vs. oolong vs. white vs. all that other stuff, a couple of clicks around their website will instantly expand your knowledge base.

Seven Cups is also passionate about promoting Chinese tea culture. For the past couple of years, they have offered exclusive tea tours of China.

I have not (yet) participated in one of their tours, but they sound fascinating. Here are links with more information for what sounds like a trip of a lifetime, a rare glimpse of China and the Camellia Sinensis:

About The Tours

About The Company

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