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New England Brewing

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Black Sheep's Riggwelter is just an amazingly perfect, well balanced, dark ale from Yorkshire. I'm finding bottles of it now at Whole Foods in Virginia and word on the street is that Ace Beverage will be getting some shortly. Heavy, with slight coffee notes, it's just a superb brew. Try a bottle. $3.99 for a 500ml retail.

Or come by EATbar to have a bottle of the Black Sheep. It's not $3.99, but I'll open it for you!

The bottled beer list is now completely British so come check it out for some other great beers besides the Black Sheep.

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New England Brewing Company, mayhaps? They are available in NoVa and are quite tasty. The Elm City Lager is nice and delicate.
That was my first (and so far, only) brewery tour! Some 'Norwalk Day' probably in the early 90s when they still brewed in Norwalk. Now the building is a 'brewpub' that doesn't even brew their own anymore (Have to keep that huge kettle though! Make people think we do!), though they did until fairly recently....know I was there at least once of age. Wow, reading an article, they were sold and shut down August 2001...must have been what remained of their last brew by the time I turned 21!
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