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Simply Ayzen, Pan-Asian on Wisconsin Ave. and Veazy St. in Tenleytown - Closed

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After lingering over "One Noodle at a Time" in the NY Times, which is focussed on Tokyo restaurants, I had a hankering for ramen, and stopped off yesterday with a companion at Simply Ayzen (a name heartbreakingly reminiscent of TemptAsian) in Chevy Chase. The Miso Ramen japanese egg noodle with roasted pork in soy bean flavor ($10) filled the bill. You could hear me slurp across the room. It was tasty and satisfying but perhaps not as sharp as I would have liked. And here's a gimmick: When I called to make a reservation and asked about parking, the woman on the phone said, "We will give you change for the meter." That turned out not to be necessary. There is also a sushi bar and a $10 lunch special, neither of which we tried.

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Simply Ayzen on upper Wisconsin Ave has a laudable array of Asian foods. I'm waiting for a purist to say that one place can't produce Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Malaysian, Vietnamese, etc. food -- certainly not with distinction. But for my taste, I appreciate the variety and the ability to hop around. Anyway, a lot of the food is either raw or lightly cooked. Here's what I had a couple of days ago:

Vietnamese Spring Roll deep fried minced chicken, bean thread, and mushroom roll

Shumai : Chinese steamed crabmeat, minced pork dumpling

Tokyo Ginger Duck light fried boneless duck, mushroom, in gravy sauce

Sea Food Ho Fun In Gravy chinese stir fried rice noodle, seafood with chinese broccoli in gravy

Miso Ramen japanese egg noodle with roasted pork in soy bean flavor

And here's what I'm set to have the next time aroud:

B.B.Q. Roasted Pork Lo Mee malaysian egg noodle stir fried with roasted pork

Sushi & Sashimi Combo sushi : tuna, flounder, salmon, shrimp, and roll, sashimi : tuna, flounder, yellowtail, and salmon

Mee Krob : (Thai) sweet and sour crispy noodle

Thai Spicy Salad mixed of cucumber, tomato, onion, chili in fresh lime juice choice of beef, shrimp or tofu (vegetarian)

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