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Bolognese Sauce


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I just wanted to say something, after Jim Grossberg went ballistic over an Angels' bottom-of-the-ninth, two-out, three-run homer sending the game into extra innings.

He said he was making pasta with Bolognese sauce that he'd previously frozen.

The following dialog just transpired, based solely on the aroma that was wafting in from the kitchen (I'm in the dark living room, on the couch, and was watching Star Trek):

"You used veal, didn't you."


"And carrots, too."


Nothing more to add. Just thought I'd point that out to people who think non-cooks can't be food critics. ;)


PS - Frank, I picked (from a 4,000-bottle cellar) a 2001 Arnaldo-Caprai "Collepiano" Sagrantino di Montefalco. How cool is that? Alas, it's "cooler" than it is "great."

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