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Jonah Crab

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I believe that they call those Jonah claws, not stone crab. They're always flavorless.

Definitely not stone crab, not even close flavor- or texture-wise. In fact, not even the same genus according to The All-Knowing Wiki:

Jonah crab, Cancer borealis

Stone crab, Menippe mercenaria

The Jonah claws are my least favorite part of the Orca/Lighthouse platter. Much more akin to blue crab claws but not as sweet.

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I think they call it the Lighthouse Platter, or something like that, and the Happy Hour bargain is not to be missed. It can feed four people and it's about 47 bucks. In order, my favorite parts of the feast are (1) shrimp, (2) oysters, (3) lobster, (4) claws, (5) clams...

Feed four? Not with me around, two tops.

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