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Antigoon Ale - Now Available for Retail Sale

Joe Riley

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Excerpted from the Brasserie Beck press release:

Brasserie Beck’s Private Label Antigoon Is Available in Area Stores in January 2010

Washington, D.C. (December 15, 2009)¬¬--Robert Wiedmaier’s popular Brasserie Beck is the first restaurant in the nation’s capital to have a Belgian beer brewed exclusively for patrons and this delicious beer will soon be available through retail establishments as well. The private label is Antigoon named for Druon Antigoon, a mythical giant who lived in Antwerp until he was killed by a Roman soldier called Silvius Brabo. The Belgian beer sports an eye-catching label with the bleeding giant. Antigoon is strong dry-hopped blond ale, called a double blond. The Belgian yeasts that are used to ferment the beer give it some fruity esters in the nose making it an easy drinking "session beer." The brewers Brouwerij de Musketiers from Ursel Belgium created the Antigoon recipe for Wiedmaier. They are famous for their Troubadour Obscura Stout and Troubadour and have garnered A ratings on BeerAdvocate.com for their beers.

Antigoon is priced at $9 per glass at Brasserie Beck and is served in its own custom Antigoon glassware. This beer has been gaining a loyal following as a standout on the impressive list of Belgian beers that are showcased on the restaurant’s ever changing list. In mid- January 2010 it will be available for sale in 750 ml bottles, priced at $18 each, at Total Wine and Beverage nationwide, Ace Beverage and Rodman’s, well as Rick’s Wine and Gourmet and at The Butcher’s Block, a Market by RW in Alexandria.

In September 2009, Thor Cheston, the general manager and beer expert for Brasserie Beck, was knighted in Brussels by the the “Mashstaff of the Knights”, for his contributions to Belgian brewing in the USA. Cheston is overseeing the development and new local brewing efforts for Antigoon as it enters the Washington market in a retail capacity.

I've had this on draught at Brasserie Beck and I loved it. Definitely made the decision to carry it in the store a no-brainer. ;) Kudos to Robert Wiedmaier and to Thor for bringing this beer to market.

Label here:


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