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Siam Bistro, Thai in Woodbridge

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Met a friend for lunch yesterday, we were meeting halfway, she was coming from further south, so I had to find a place in Woodbridge. Sight unseen, I picked Siam bistro-it turned out to be a lovely lunch with an old friend & a perfectly serviceable thai meal. We both had lunch specials, which were reasonably priced ($7 soup/salad, or spring roll, & entree)-I had the tom yum soup & chicken pad kra-pow, my friend had the salad & chicken pad cee eww (funny how everyone spells it differently). The soup had chicken slices that were slightly too large, but lots of straw mushrooms, the pad kapow was good, not agressively spiced, a moderate lunch size. I thought the tea was weak (got a pot & let it steep forever). We arrived early, shortly after 11, by the time we left, the place was full. While it's not my favorite Thai restaurant (I love Thai Cafe near the Springfield mall), it's a solid lunch choice in Woodbridge.

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