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Capital City Cheesecake, Takoma Park - Sisters Caitlin and Meaghan Murphy in the old Savory Space

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Looks promising for Takoma Park! I missed Tim Carman's article when it was published. Good that their weekend cafe starts at 9:00. I've found that GSPOT's 11:30 weekend time is beyond my hunger threshold.

To fill that yawning, tri-level space in downtown Takoma Park, the Murphy sisters are looking to expand their offerings beyond the miniature and classic cheesecakes on which they’ve made their reputation. They plan to add sugar cookies, vegan cheesecakes, and (naturally) cupcakes, which seems to be the new generation’s drug of choice.

Even better, the sisters will launch a “morning cafe” on the weekends, from about 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., during which they will serve homemade buttermilk waffles, bagels with various house-made spreads, muffins, coffee, and juices.

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Definitely need an update here.The Murphy sisters have really listened to the community and responded in ways I think they never imagined and its great. Since opening, they've gradually expanded the menu, hours and some added attractions. There is a breakfast and lunch menu, expanded to include waffles on Saturday and Sunday. I love the Ruben.There is now a real expresso machine, not just coffee. They installed good wifi and welcome campers, there is always a lot of activity. They got a beer and wine license, and though the selection is not large, the choices are good. Best of all, they have sponsored a hugely successful open mike night on Sundays, 6-9. They've really turned this into a community hotspot...and they still have those great mini-cheescakes!

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