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DIRT! The Movie


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The clouds in my stormy social calendar are finally parting enough to make way for DIRT! The Movie. There have been other recent screenings, but I've missed them all due to overbooking mayhem.

Info on this Sunday's 3PM event is below; text pasted from a recent Community Cinema email.

If anyone else is interested in attending, RSVP per the instructions below. But feel free to PM me so we can perhaps sit as a group.

DIRT! The Movie

By Bill Benenson and Gene Rosow

Sunday, March 21

3 PM

Washington DC Jewish Community Center

1529 16th Street, NW at Q

FREE and OPEN to the General Public

RSVP dirt[AT}communitycinema-dc.org or call 202-939-0794

It's under our feet and under our fingernails, but what is it? And how did it get there? Inspired by William Bryant Logan's acclaimed book Dirt: The Ecstatic Skin of the Earth, find out how industrial farming, mining and urban development have led us toward cataclysmic droughts, starvation, floods and climate change. Dirt is a part of everything we eat, drink and breathe. Which is why we should stop treating it like, well...dirt.

Panel Speakers: (subject to change)

3/21 - Allan Baliett, the Farmer at Fresh and Local Community Supported Agriculture; Ariane Lotti of the Organic Farming Research Foundation; (just added) Kristen Santucci, Mob Boss/Founder DC Crop Mob "People for the Potomac."

Q&As moderated by Marsha Weiner, founder and president of Food Muse Media.

There's another showing, too, later this month, with a different panel of speakers. RSVP directions are the same as above:

Sunday, March 28

5 PM

Busboys and Poets

2021 14th Street, NW at V

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A quick recap...

"Dirt!" was outstanding (and no, not in the field--ha!). For anyone interested in topics of sustainable agriculture and land use, this one-hour film is well worth seeking out. The panel following the film added remarkable depth to an already interesting topic.

The next free showing is on 3/28, RSVP guidance posted above.

Go, on. Get Dirt-y.

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The panel following the film added remarkable depth to an already interesting topic.

I was grateful for this since it meant the next movie began around 12 minutes late--right after I got there! (The short film after that concerned soil and was not particularly good despite the endearing Welsh farmer on camera.)

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