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I'm having dinner with a friend tomorrow night and he'd love to go to a place that serves braciole. Does anyone know of a restaurant with this on its menu? thanks!!

I've spent a fair amount of time looking into this, and am coming up empty so far.

I used to get braciole at Sergio's in Silver Spring, but it was always off-menu and made upon request. I'm willing to bet that if Sergio Toni is there, he'll make it for you (but you might want to call first).



P.S. I'm talking about the non-rolled version of braciole as opposed to involtini - Sergio would barely sear thin strips of beef, and serve them with only olive oil, coarse salt, and maybe a shaving or two of parmesan. It was perfection on a plate, but I have a feeling this might not be what you're talking about.

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These are usually associated w Italian-American cooking, if based on the regional cooking of immigrants from Southern Italy. Your best bet might be one of the restaurants downtown or out in the burbs that claim they make "authentic" Sicilian (for example--I seem to recall a couple of established threads of this nature) food where the menus actually offer a lot of riffs on "traditional" fare along with transplanted dishes.

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Thank you for your help everyone! they do have it on the menu at Maggianos (not sure if it's the type you mentioned, Rocks, or the rolled kind). but when i mentioned maggianos to my proud italian american friend, he suddenly got very quiet and then interested in going to churchkey instead! ;)

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