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Green Line Dinner on a Sunday Evening (3/28)


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I'm meeting a friend from high school for dinner on Sunday around 4. Hoping for something on the green line, not too loud and with a good beer list.

I was thinking Commonwealth or Bar Pilar.

He didn't indicate any food issues.

Any other ideas?


Don't forget that it may be raining tomorrow, and also that between three Metro stops, you'll have nearly all of Penn Quarter and Verizon Center at your fingertips (see Dining Guide for ideas).

Let us know where you end up,


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I liked Commonwealth on my one trip earlier this year. The food wasn't consistently good, but I liked a lot of it. Thought the scotch eggs were yummy, the charcuterie plate had some interesting things on it, and my shepard's pie was quite tasty. Plus it's not outrageously expensive and it fits the bill for your beer list. My only disappointment in the beer list was that they had no porters on tap, and the only stout was guinness. ;) I was really in the mood for dark beer so I had to stick to bottles. Not the end of hte world and I know what's on tap rotates, just mentioning it. I tend to seek out wine more often than beer so unfortunately I don't have other suggestions for you.

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We ended up at Commonwealth. Nice beer selection, not too loud and good service. But a good chunk of the menu was unavailable at 4 pm and I hadn't seen anything on the website that indicated that was the case. The fish and chips were fine but not special and not my first choice.

All in al it was a nice place to catch up with an old friend.

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