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World Cup Soccer at Bars and Restaurants


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And altbough this may not help with the 3D aspect, Washingtonian published a list of good places to watch soccer here.

Thanks for this - a friend and I are hoping to be able to find places where we can drink beer brewed in the countries who will be playing WC matches we are watching. This list will help us sort that out.

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I just walked by the little park on Columbia Rd. near 18th where they set up stands for immigrants from Latin, South and Central America to sell their food Friday-Sunday. Someone was setting up elaborate television systems to show the world cup. They even had set up a satellite dish just for the event. I don't attest to the food (anymore) but if you are in the neighborhood and want to watch the action in a (relatively) unique environment I thought I'd share...

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From MIO:

¡Café con GoooooL!

Join Mio for Breakfast during the World Cup!

Round of Micheladas, Sangruitas or Ojo Rojo for every Latin Gol Scored! (Seriously!)


Selected Games:

Friday, June 11 – 10AM – South Africa vs Mexico

Wednesday, June 16 – 7:30AM – Honduras vs Chile

Wednesday, June 16 – 10AM – Spain vs Switzerland

Thursday, June 17 – 7:30AM – France vs Mexico

Monday, June 21 – 10AM – Chile vs Switzerland

Tuesday, June 22 – 10AM – Mexico vs Uruguay

Friday, June 25 – 10AM – Portugal vs Brazil

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