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Poll: Spring Picnic Dates



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  1. 1. Let's eat on...

    • May 16
    • May 23
    • June 13

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Given the gloomy weather and dreams of delicious bacon, I think it may be time to do a poll. Please only vote for date(s) you are mostly sure you will be able to attend!

New members: We hold our spring and fall picnics on Sundays to allow our in-the-industry members a chance to attend. All are welcome, so please vote on a date and plan to attend -- we hope to see you there!

After reviewing the options, and taking out Mother's Day, Father's Day, Memorial Day weekend, and the dates the site is already reserved (!), we have:

May 16

May 23

June 13

So -- get votin'!


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And a note: If you choose "null vote" to see the results and then can't get back in and vote properly, just PM me your preferred dates and I will adjust the poll accordingly.

Poll will stay up through the weekend, so get those votes in!


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Last bump! :lol:

Looking pretty clearly like the 23rd is our day, but if anyone has a major protest/wants to beg and plead for another day/wants to ensure the 23rd is the clear preference, now's the time to vote.

NB: Of course there is no single day that works for everyone, so we're going with the apparent best day for the largest number of people. The larger the sample size, the better ... get those votes in!

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