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Seeking Minimum Wage, Part-Time Work


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I am searching for part-time work, preferably in DC, as prep cook, kitchen assistant, commis, or dishwasher. Since I am considering attending culinary school, I would like to work in a professional kitchen to gain experience, perfect and practice basic skills, and acquire knowledge from those already in the industry. Please contact me via private message if there are any openings in your kitchen for a respectful, motivated individual who would like to make a contribution to the service, regardless of how menial the task. Also, I am able to meet in person at your convenience for further discussion and/or consideration for an entry-level position.

Currently, I attend weekly courses emphasizing classic French technique in the areas listed below:

  • knife skills
  • poultry (chicken, duck)
  • meat (beef, lamb, veal, pork)
  • fish and shellfish
  • grains
  • doughs (pasta, bread, pastry)
  • sauces (mother, pestos, salsas, dessert)



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