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40th Birthday Dinner for 14 People


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My wife is turning 40 in May and I am trying to arrange a birthday dinner with some friends preferably in the Bethesda/Palisades area. Looking for possibly a private room that could accomodate our party.

Looking for good food and wine.

Two things leap to mind:

The Chef's Table / Wine Room at Grapeseed

and the Chef's Table at BlackSalt



Does 2 Amys ever book out the top room?

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My family is hosting a joint graduation celebration for me and my fiance at Famoso in Chevy Chase. The room is very pretty in a sophisticated way, the food is solid if not amazing, and the manager (owner?) is wonderful to work with.Another plus- a parking lot for your guests. I know it is not exactly in Bethesda or the Palisades neighborhood, but I thought it may be close enough.

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So we are headed to Volt on Saturday night, 12 people in a limo for the 45 minute ride up there. I was thinking of getting some light snacks for the ride up there - nothing too much.

Any suggestions on what to provide and from where? Will need to be a prepared tray as I can't let the wife see me putting something together or the surprise will be ruined.

Preferably something in the Bethesda area that I can quickly pick-up on Saturday afternoon.

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