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The King of Scratch


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This guy is like ferment everything, Dan Cole, mdt, chris sadler, xcanuck, adm, waitman, heather shorter and me, rolled into one. He's got a ways to go to equal Poivrot Farci, however.

The Post article did not overstate his abilities or creativeness.

I've known Tim and Dot for about 20 years now and have vacationed with them a few times. We've enjoyed a lot of meals together at both of our homes. Dot and my husband have the sense to stand back when Tim and I start planning and executing menus. My fondest memory of our cooking escapades together involved Tim's attempts to get a decently hot charcoal fire going at 9500 feet. It took an insanely long time, but the pork chops we'd stuffed with bourbon-soaked honey-glazed apricots wouldn't have been the same in the oven or on a griddle.

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