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Cafe Normandie

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While in Annapolis this weekend we brunched at Cafe Normandie. I don't know why I don't go here more often. The service was very nice and professional. The food was good. I had a mushroom and spinach omlette. I know that sounds incredibly simple to make, but this was a very well made omlette. The spinach was sauteed in butter and was fresh spinach, opposed to frozen. The mushrooms while having good flavor didn't have much texture, but I really love my mushrooms and like them quite visible. But the omlette itself was made with French technique and was light but slightly crispy very thin outer layer, while retaining the appropriate amount of moisture. The potatoes served with it are garlic homefries that are nice and crispy with a wonderful pungent garlic smell and taste.

And brunch was reasonably priced and not a buffet, so I was very happy. I need to come back here for dinner.

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