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McCabe's Restaurant

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I have never been there, but McCabe's Restaurant, a burger place on Falls road which closed in 2009 just reopened.

They are saying on their facebook page that they are trying to make more upscale late night pub food with local ingredients.

Their hamburgers use Springfield Farms beef and Stone Mill bakery brioche buns.

I'll try to check it out the next few weeks.

3845 Falls Road

Baltimore, MD

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Dropped in for a burger last night after an eye exam. I'm always happy when I can get fried egg on top of my burger.

They had a good crowd for a Wednesday night- a real neighborhood feel, and the menu seemed to be pretty standard, but I think the chef is trying to make it more about quality ingredients.

While, personally, I still think Baltimore's best burger is at Abbey, McCabe's burger hit the spot.

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