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Director/Coordinator for After School Meals Program

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All these years of exploiting the site for my own personal agenda, shameless self-promotion, out-of-control branding, and pushing the limits of the site (as well as Don's buttons) have all been to lead up to and culminate in this one last post:

Ray's: The Steaks is seeking a Director or Coordinator of an after school meals program. The position is initially part-time with hopes of expanding to a full-time position. The position involves organizing community outreach to identify those most in need and coordinating the mechanisms, logistics and legalities of participation. The program aims to expand into a comprehensive tutoring/mentoring/educational (both scholastic and nutritional) program for children at-risk and in-need, while stopping short providing day care services.

The financial structure is already in place, so non-profit experience is not necessary nor necessarily relevant. A background in education, however, is useful but not necessary. Certified Food Handler desirable. Possible entry-level position for exceptionally motivated recent graduate with community service experience.

Please do not reply to this posting or PM me. Rather, bring resume in person to 3905 Dix Street, NE.

Please feel free to forward this posting to interested candidates.

With this, my work here is done.

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