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Porktail Party at Eola


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A Porktail Party at Eola

An Evening of Wine & “Snout to Tail” Indulgence

Join Chef Daniel Singhofen as he prepares an endless assortment of intriguing bites from an entire 200-pound heritage hog for a special ‘Porktail Party’ on Thursday, May 27th. Enjoy more than 20 innovative dishes crafted from every part of the pig, snout to tail, in an intimate setting that allows diners to sample approximately four pounds of pork! Limited to 50 reservations, guests will indulge as wine and pig are in abundance during the five-hour feast

This pork party features creations from a Virginia-raised hog provided by seventh generation farmer Tom Weaver of Papa Weaver’s Pork and produce from The Fresh Link, a local farm distribution business owned by Mollie Visosky. Both Weaver and Visosky will join the festivities to discuss farming practices and the concept of “from family farms to city plates,” allowing guests to learn more about where our food comes from.

Mark and Tom Wilcox, owners of Ansonia Wines, pour select bottles of wine while discussing the perfect pairings with pork. Ansonia specializes in imported wines from artisan producers in France and features wines that reflect their place of origin.

Join us at our Porktail Party, a collaborative celebratory event of family owned and operated businesses.

$125 per person

(tax & gratuity excluded)

For reservations or additional

information, please call:


Thursday, May 27th

5:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.


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Hello All,

The Pig is in! Last night we received a 228# Duroc-Hampshire cross from Papa Weaver and it is glorious. Today our fun begins. Brine, Cure, Rub, Love that pig. I'll do my best to keep updates going through Eola's Facebook & Twitter pages. Please join us on the 27th, it'll be one hog of a time!

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