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Cheeses to Pair with Craft Beers

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Not sure if this is the right place for this, but Cheesemaker Mark of Keswick cheeses is creating very interesting cheeses to pair with beer. Not just to pair with beer, but rind washed weekly WITH local PA craft beers. I don't know anyone else doing this in DC and I think it is a wonderful t hing.

He will be at the Bloomngdale Farmers Market this Sunday to sample the cheeses and to talk about them.

First and R Streets NW


Bloomingdale Farmers Market

The beer cheeses are described below:

"Our line of Alpine peasant-style cheeses. All of our tomes share a sweet buttery beginning with a slightly nutty finish. However, our partnerships with local breweries and vineyards enable us to wash the rinds of some tommes to produce cheeses are uniquely local. Tomme Sweet Tomme

Our Tomme cheese that we allow to grow a natural rind that we brush weekly for two months. This encourages the natural flora in our aging room to impart a lovely mushroomy odor to the rind. A classic tomme with a sweet, butter initial flavor followed with a nutty finish. Pairs well with Roy Pitz Brewing Gobbler Lager or Troegs Brewing Pale Ale.

Wash You Were Here

We wash our tomme cheese with a mild salt brine the give the rind a lovely straw color with some pink and orange highlights. The rind has a rich beefy aroma and the cheese has a strong walnutty flavor with a wonderful creaminess. Pairs nicely with Troegs Brewing Pale Ale, or for some extra punch try Troegs Hop Back.


We take our Tomme cheese and wash it weekly with Troegs Brewing Company's Trogenator, their classic double bock. The washing gives the rind a deliciously sweet, malty aroma and imparts a wonderful hoppy finish to the cheese. Like all our Tommes, the rind is edible and this rind is especially tasty. Pairs perfectly with Troegs Brewing Troegenator or Roy Pitz Brewing Company Old Jail Ale.

Happy Jack

Wash our tomme cheese with a traditional English style cider made with Adams county apples and the result is Happy Jack. The apples highlight the sweet fruitiness of the cheese while bringing out a warm earthy finish with notes of hazelnut. The rind has a nice light golden color with hints of pink and red. This cheese complements Troegs Sunshine Pils or Dream Weaver Wheat quite nicely.

Mad Tomme

Our Mad Tomme is creamy, with small eyes and aged for three months. We wash it weekly with Mad Elf Ale, Troegs Brewing Company's one of kind holiday cherry brew. With a tart, spicy aroma and a lactic fruitiness this cheese is a welcome addition to your cheese plate. Makes for a great picnic lunch with a loaf of bread, some apples and Roy Pitz Brewing's Best Blonde Ale, Troegs Brewing Sunshine Pils, or go for the crazy mad experience and have a chalice of Troegs Mad Elf Ale."

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