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Siam House, Thai with No Added MSG in Cleveland Park

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We had a thoroughly pleasent dinner at Siam House Monday. This place is a tiny mom and pop shop situated across the street from Palena, with a few tables on the front patio overlooking Connecticut ave. Owners and staff are super friendly and enthusiastic.

Split orders of fried vegetarian dumplings (crispy and hot straight out of the deep fryer), larb gai (minced chicken salad, with a surprising bite of heat), pad see ew (noddles with tofu, broccoli, carrots, and mini corn), and off the monthly specials the moo bing (grilled pork with sticky rice and a papaya salad). add two Singha beers and dinner came in around $32 with tax.

Sometimes satisfying, friendly, and in the neighborhood is exactly what you need on a holiday weekend.

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The gf and I usually just order the same stuff every time, so we have not gone deep into the menu.

we usually get:

Dumplings, I think they are the pork and shrimp and they are shu mai style.

Larb gai has a good heat to it.

Penang tofu is excellent.

tom yum soup is good

Noodle dishes are generally decently average. I have had better luck with the noodle dishes off the monthly special list.

I avoid their shrimp which tend to be iodine-y. I think they use not very good quality frozen shrimp.

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This is my go to neighborhood thai place and most but not all of the dishes are pretty good. (I have no basis for verifying how authentic/traditional they are - but some are pretty damn spicy). Chicken pad thai is a large portion and very good. Our standard. I especially like the Pad Eggplant - often with chicken. The larb gai is good too. I have not enjoyed the crispy spring rolls and their gloppy overly sweet sauce. The drunken noodles also good, but I like the pad thai better. Their curries are pretty good too but I think the noodle and other rice dishes are better. The servers are super friendly and the food is usually very quick whether eat in or carry out. It is not worth a special trip but definitely a good choice in the area. There is a competing place across the street, but Siam House is better seeming to make the chicken and other dishes fresh, not just reassembling overcooked, pre-made ingredients.

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