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Continental Pizza, Kensington

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You know, Continental Pizza in Kensington is such an established institution that it's a shame that it doesn't have a thread yet (and still doesn't no thanks to me), but tonight we got take out for the second time in a couple months and both times we've come away disappointed. Tonight was the worst. It tasted exactly like the pizza you buy "fresh" in the grocery store and then cook in your oven--the same cheese, the same canned ingredients, the same under-doneness from a weak home oven. When I moved to Montgomery County three years ago, Continental quickly became my hands-down favorite non-gourmet pizza place--the crust was always an enticing crisp, greasy cracker and the mediocre quality cheese got a chewy brownness that I actually liked--but my esteem for them has to be rethought now. Did the renovations on that strip mall throw them off their game? But who could replace it as my favorite non-gourmet pizza?

And for those Colesville dwellers, don't offer Dominic's. I needed ibuprofen for my sore jaw after I ate their pizza. But I have to say that Dominic's must be the friendliest place in the world b/c that place gets filled with four generations of patrons every night and, boy, do the servers have a good time with each of them. And from the kids dressed in uniforms and the plaques and trophies on the wall, Dominic's has certainly earned its rep as a community institution in its own right. I have to admit, that atmosphere alone is worth going for. Not to mention to arcade games from 1986.



Continental is what it is. Fast, easy pizza that can feed a family for under $15. To me it's always been better than either the store pizza or the pizza chains. It's not gourmet pizza, but it's usually consistently "good".

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We used to get it at Holy Cross School (the one with the church) were I went for a couple of years.  Then when we had a family lice melt down years ago and went to a nearby specialist, C was the easiest place for food (Yeah, all four of us with those buggies.  Long day).  Continental has nostalgic pizza for me.  But at least it does not make me feel sick like most of the quick pizza places.  Lynx has the review right. 

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