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Sapphire, Town Center Shopping Center in Laurel - Indian and Thai on Laurel-Bowie Road (Route 197)

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Is this the best Indian anywhere? No? Is this something you would trek far and wide for? No.

But it is good Indian food served up by a friendly staff. They have quite a menu to choose from and their specials are quite good. I recently had their shrimp and salmon tandoori and it was really delicious. I generally have shied away from their Thai offerings, I am not sure why -- I just recognize the place most often with Indian food and that is what I stick with. On the weekends, they have a good buffet, too, if youprefer to graze on a variety of things, with stuff represented from both the Indian and Thai menus (heavier on the Indian). Their carry out portion sizes and good as well.

While I wouldn't go out of your way to find this, this is a good choice for Indian in Laurel (so if you're in the area or passing through and have said craving). I prefer it for many dishes as opposed to say, India Gate (also in Laurel).

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I used to frequent their buffet when it was every night. Went in once recently and there was no buffet (weeknight) so I ordered off the menu. It was very good. So basically I second what you said.


Now that you mention it, I believe you are right in that they used to do the buffet more often. I have no complaints either way. It's so close to my house it is a no brainer for me. That said, I also enjoy Bombay Restaurant in White Oak a lot too.

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This place is still around and still decent, but their rice, which used to be AMAZING, is now just average (well well executed in general, but not noteworthy). Couple that with the fact that some of the regular staff are no longer there has made this place slip in my book. I now routinely place orders (and sometimes dine in) at my new go to Indian place, Curry Leaf on Route 1.

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