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Haute Dog Carte, Mount Washington

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The Haute Dog Carte opened outside the Bonjour Bakery for lunch time at the end of June.

I stopped by yesterday for lunch- had a Baltimore dog- a pork hotdog seasoned with old bay- made using a steamer, served on a skewer toasted bun with dijon mustard. The meat was great- juicy, fatty, yummy.

They have other dogs- some on a roller grill- including a 1/4 lb angus beef dog. The owner hopes to have a weekly special dog made by some local chefs- this weeks venison dog from a chef at the Bluegrass Tavern was already sold out when I arrived. He's also rotating a weekly dog from Rosedale's Binkert's- this week was the Polish smoky.

6070 Falls Road

Baltimore, MD, 21209

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Stopped by here for lunch- their Chef's dog was the Tijuana Danger Dog from Chef Sarah of 13.5% Wine Bar in Hampden. It consisted of Duroc pork butt, applewood smoked bacon, pigeon peas, chiles d'arbol & a natural casing, topped with peach ketchup.

Could have been a tad juicier. I'm wondering if they had ground the meat a little more coarser, it would have been better.

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