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Plattsburgh, NY


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In the last couple years, I've been driving up to Montreal with the cousins for our annual Au Pied De Cochon fix, and on the way, we've stopped in Plattsburgh, NY for lunch before we cross the border to sample their Michigan hot dogs.

I'm still a little confused by the history of these hot dogs (or it could just be wikipedia issues), but what I understand is a gentleman from Michigan developed a version of the NYC Coney Island hot dog, exported it to NY, and somehow it migrated up upstate and became the Michigan.

From what a waitress told us at one of these places, each establishment has their own unique recipe for the Michigan sauce- a tomato based meat sauce/chili. The basics of the preparation are as follows: steamed hot dog, steamed bun. sauce with the option of onions- usually on top or "buried" under the sauce.

Last year, we stopped at a placed called Michigan's Plus, an converted IHOP restaurant, for their Michigans. The sauce was drier than chili- more like spaghetti sauce. We had tater tots topped with the Michigan sauce as well.

This year, we went to a place by Lake Champlain called Clare & Carl's. It was a drive-in with a small counter inside. Their Michigan sauce was more saucy and it had a little spiciness. They also served a poutine that alas, did not have curds. I did prefer their Michigan over the first place though.


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