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The Bagel Place, University of Maryland

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When I lived about two blocks from here, I'd make a trip down for a bagel (or a dozen) as many mornings as I could manage. I haven't tried every bagel in the area (or anything close to it), but the Bagel Place makes a damn fine bagel, and it's good enough that I don't really care to seek out anyplace else to get one.

Hadn't been here in a year or so since I had moved to a less convenient location, and I finally decided to get back this morning. Yup, the bagels are still every bit as good as I remember them.

They do the requisite sandwiches on bagels as well. The sandwich ingredients aren't anything terribly spectacular, but when you're starting with a good bagel, it's still going to be a better than average option.

A personal guilty pleasure: the cinnamon sugar bagel, which has a thick, brulee-like crust of cinnamon and sugar on top. Completely unsuitable for breakfast, but often enjoyed as a dessert when I'm just cobbling a meal together from random things I can find. Yum.

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