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Tangier's, Moroccan in Canton - NOW OPEN!

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Has anyone tried the new Tangier's in Canton? Several of us bloggers have eaten there for free, and the food is pretty good, but I'd like to know what people who had to pay for their food think about it.

I love the idea that there's a restaurant in Baltimore that is serving Moroccan food, and love that the owner's mother and aunt are in the kitchen. The best dishes are the tchouktchouka and eggplant cold mezze - both are rich and filling and deserve some really good crusty bread. Unfortunately, the night we ate there we were served commercial split-top squishy-textured rolls. I wanted the bstilla to be as good as the one I ate at Marrakech, but it wasn't the same at all.

My biggest beef with the place is the prices, which are a little crazy for the minuscule amount of food on some plates.

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