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Unfortunately, the link for Pomme in the linked post appears to be dead. I'd call first.

I called yesterday (Monday) because of the broken link. The recording says Pomme is open for lunch and dinner, and begins its week on Tuesday. I haven't seen anything on the internet that says Gerard Gasparini isn't still the chef, but unfortunately, I found something that indicates they lost a gentleman very close to the restaurant last year.

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I've been visiting Pomme at least once a year over the past 5 years and have always enjoyed the food and relaxed atmosphere. Gerard Gasparini is a wonderful, warm-hearted host, who often strolls through the dining room to chat with customers, both regulars and newcomers. I was last there in early May. I did not see Gerard or his son, who usually works along side his father. But the food was much the same as was the front-of -the-house staff. Based on that visit, I would still recommend Pomme. But I wouldn't describe it as "upscale." I suppose it is comparable to Bistro Lepic, Lavandou or, perhaps, Bistro Bis. What comes to mind as an upscale place in the area is Palladio at the Barboursville winery (http://barboursvillewine.net/winery/palladio-restaurant). I've not had a chance to try it and I suspect it will be difficult to reserve a table for Friday night.

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