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The Power of Water


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I usually do! :) But the Toddy concentrate is supposed to be diluted one-to-one with water (or milk, but I don't drink my coffee with milk), and I don't find it needs that much; I do find, however, that I don't mind the bit of dilution I get from regular ice cubes.

Add less water initially, then use ice cubes made from the concentrate?

Perhaps I'm confused, if you take a shot of the straight concentrate does that work for you? If not you might work the water amount around the initial infusion to get to an outcome that suits your needs.


Purchased 6 bottles each of the 07 Sauvignon Blanc and the 07 Hodder Hill. (Amazingly, both of these clock in at over 14% alcohol.)

Seeing this reminded me of Harold McGee's latest experiment. While it's not exclusively about wine, it's an interesting take on the power of water.

After all, as he notes, it's a common enough practice with spirits; why not high-abv wine, or bitter/strong coffee?

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